Giving Young People a Voice

Young Minds Matter has always had young people at the core of everything we do, none more so than our Young Ambassadors, who play a key role in advising and supporting us. We are also here for them, whether that’s supporting them personally or providing them with opportunities to develop new skills.

Meet the team…


I first got involved with Young Minds Matter when I performed as a musician in our 2017 and 2019 fundraiser concerts – both were incredible evenings, largely due to the exceptional standard of our musicians and speakers. I was so impressed by Sue’s drive and passion for the cause that I asked what more I could do to get involved! For many years now I’ve felt there should be more discussion, resources and funding around mental health as it is a shockingly prevalent issue, particularly among our young people. Young Minds Matter holds these values at its core.

Since our first two concerts, I’ve had the honour of being asked to become a Young Ambassador for the charity and to work with Sue and our musicians in preparation of the 2021 concert. I’ve undertaken voluntary work and I’ve been heavily involved in promotion of wellbeing, particularly in my school environment. The trustees and my fellow ambassadors have been a constant source of support and inspiration for me and working with them has been so empowering.

I believe that young peoples’ mental health is one of the most pressing societal issues we face today: we need to look after and protect our future generation and that starts with organisations such as Young Minds Matter.

We must give support to those struggling with mental health difficulties – life isn’t an easy ride and we shouldn’t pretend that it is. Furthermore, young people must feel safe and understood and in so we can nurture a more kind, compassionate society. Seeing the ripples that have gone out from our events, discussion on social media and mentoring have been amazing. All change starts from individual actions and what better example to use than that of Young Minds Matter.


Hi! I’m Taha, I’m 16 years old and I’m privileged to be taking part in this Young Minds Matter event for the third year running. I’ve been performing on the stage since I was 8, when I was lucky enough to play Young Simba in the UK Tour of The Lion King. A few years later, I was cast as Bruce Bogtrotter in Matilda the Musical in the West End, followed by playing Young Martius in Coriolanus in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

Although these musical theatre experiences were incredible, I have recently started exploring other types of performing and Spoken Word Poetry has developed into a real interest of mine. I truly believe that young people’s mental health is one of, if not, the most important problem presented to us in society today and that caring for our youth is paramount as we are the next generation. That’s why I’m so grateful to have met Sue Roberts who gave me the opportunity to sing at these fantastic concerts and who helped to promote the Spoken Words that I have written, inspired by mental health. To see more of my Spoken Word, you can follow me on Instagram (@taha_mrte) or find them on the YMM website.


I first started working with Young Minds Matter in 2017 when I performed a Melanie Martinez song at the live event in Warwick. I was only 12 at the time and found it rewarding and quite scary. The inspirational stories I heard at the event encouraged me to continue working with YMM and I went on to perform again at the concert in Stratford in 2019. Again, the performers and speakers were amazing and it was an honour to be part of a team supporting such an important message.

I’ve been continuing my singing lessons and hope to return to the YMM gig in Warwick this autumn. After the lockdown ends I’m sure there’ll be lots of people who could do with the support and enthusiasm of Sue and everyone at YMM.

I’m currently studying for my GCSEs and when I’m avoiding schoolwork I have a YouTube channel for posting song covers and the odd original track.