We are on a mission to ensure young people have a safe, accessible and effective support network in their daily lives and to provide additional support where needed.

Who are we?

We are a registered charity called Young Minds Matter. We support young people through our mentoring and social and emotional learning arm YM3. We also host inspirational fundraising events, showcasing the amazing talents of young people and promoting mental health awareness.

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How do we help?


Through our mentoring service, we provide a safe time and place for a young person to tell their story and work out how they want things to be different. We support them with the many challenges and hardships they might be facing, including:

  • anxiety and low mood
  • anger management and behaviour
  • body image
  • bullying
  • confidence and self-esteem
  • exam stress
  • family and friendships
  • self-harm

Families and Schools

We also work with other people in a young person’s life to help build an effective support network for them. These include:

  • parents and carers
  • siblings and other family members
  • school support staff, teachers and leadership teams

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

We are also developing our social and emotional learning programme, ARKS, which we will deliver to groups of young people to help develop their skills and capabilities.

If we could all ACCEPT, RESPECT and be KIND to each other, and keep each other SAFE, imagine the positive impact that would have on the mental and physical health of our young people. This is ARKS.

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What else do we do?

Young Minds Matter receives no government or NHS funding and relies entirely on donations and fundraising. We want to ensure that our services are accessible to as many young people as possible, including overcoming the financial barriers that parents, carers, schools and other agencies might be facing. So…

We also organise concerts and give young people a voice

To date, we’ve held two phenomenal fundraising concerts, showcasing the musical talents of some extraordinary young people, with inspirational and moving speakers, whilst also raising awareness of the mental health challenges facing young people.

For our next fundraising concert, we are delighted to be returning to the prestigious Warwick Hall auditorium at Warwick School. The concert will be on Saturday 15th May 2021 and details of how to buy tickets will be available here soon.

Why is what we do so important?

Young people have always had to navigate the “bumps in the road” of life, but there seems to be more potential bumps and challenges to cope with than ever before. At the same time, families and schools are experiencing their own challenges, particularly financial, and our health services are overstretched.

1 in 10 schoolchildren
have a diagnosable
mental health condition.

75% of all mental health
problems are established
by the time someone is 18.

Children’s Society report (2018)

We hope that our combined approach of providing reactive mentoring and support when it’s needed, and proactive education to try and prevent or alleviate future “bumps in the road”, is a model that will have a deep and long lasting impact on the mental and physical health of our young people.

Every young person deserves to be happy, healthy and safe. Our mission is to make that a reality.

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