Eitan Darmon, Joe Deavall, (Captain), Hayden North and Brian Mcsharry, with an average age of just 16, have taken up a huge challenge and will be swimming the 21 mile English Channel in relay format in July 2022 to raise money for local charity YOUNG MINDS MATTER.  

Passionate and driven about the current plight of young people’s mental health, Young Minds Matter was formed in 2017 by way of an awareness and fund raising concert and became a registered charity early in 2020. The YMM mentoring service launched in 2020, with trained mentors going into secondary schools and providing free 1:1 mentoring support for any young person. Feedback from students and staff from our existing schools has been overwhelmingly positive and YMM are now starting to make a positive difference to young people’s lives.

We’re very proud of this team of local young swimmers and their incredible commitment, determination and courage.  They all are experienced club swimmers and already train 5- 6 days a week in the pool; some also have GCSE’s approaching and they are about to start open water training in earnest.  Acclimatisation to the colder water of lakes and the sea will be their hardest challenge, especially as the Channel Swimming Association rules dictate that no wetsuits are allowed for the actual swim, hence all their open water training has to be without wetsuits too.

The YMM Channel swim is due to take place any day from 11th-20th July – the ‘first slot, spring tide’. The Sea Leopard is the official Channel Swimming Association pilot boat the team will be swimming from on the day.

The target is to raise £15,000. All funds raised will go towards training and providing more mentors in schools. Never has there been a time when our young people’s mental health needs our compassion and our support more.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to these inspiring young people raising money for YOUNG MINDS MATTER can do so by visiting:

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TEL: Mandy: 07522 161341

Sue: 07961 488170


TWITTER: @ymmorguk

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