I hated school and I only had two O-Levels when I left to start work as a waitress. It wasn’t till I was 42 that I decided to  embark on my biggest challenge yet; — an art degree. In 2010, I graduated with 2:1 Hons in Applied Art.

Thirteen years later,  I started my second degree in Person Centred Counselling at Warwick University, however after two years I decided that counselling wasn’t what I wanted to do so I switched to mentoring  instead. 

I am divorced and I now live with my partner of 18yrs and between us we have four grown up children. 

I am really excited to be mentoring with Young Minds Matter and to be given the opportunity to support young people in helping  them achieve whatever it is they want to achieve. Wherever you start from, it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s where you’ll finish!