From a young age, I have always taken an interest in the impact of compromised mental health on children and young adults. My journey started with my personal exploration of the issues I faced as a young adult and I have continued to try and understand myself, finding solutions to improve my life and daily experiences.

I grew up in Turkey but have experienced life not only there but in France, studying at Lille University, finally settling in the U.K. where I now live on the edge of the Cotswolds.

This variety of cultural and situational experiences will, I hope, contribute to a well-rounded approach to mentoring.

I am now a mother of one and step-mother to three children which has made me even more aware of how important the provision of help is for children and young adults.

I feel extremely passionate about mental well-being and believe that if the relevant help is provided and if children and young adults are truly heard when they need the support, they can then enter into their adult lives with the relevant tools and techniques to understand themselves more effectively.