I love mentoring and I have been part of the amazing team at YMM since 2021. My beliefs and hopes are to  provide children and young adults with the ability to better understand their thoughts, feelings and emotions and to provide tools to help them cope with the difficulties they face growing up.

We often tell children “You don’t know how easy you have it, wait until you’re working and paying bills”. Whilst true, we forget that you can only handle and process what you know and have experienced. Having somebody to listen, understand and help guide you through the here and now is vitally important. That is the role I have the privilege of undertaking with YMM.

Having suffered with my own mental health and difficulties at school and in adulthood. I decided to join the battle to promote good mental health in 2020 by starting a 4-year degree in counselling. I’m proud to say I’ll be entering my final year in the 23/24 academic year.