I’ve always been interested in people and how human relationships and relations within different cultures and communities can shape each individual. Having studied languages at university which took me abroad for two years then four years spent in Asia with my husband, I’ve been lucky enough to experience first hand different cultures, the importance of communication and the power of conversation. 

Having primarily focussed on raising my 3 children these last few years, I also experienced the challenges of home schooling during lockdown and was reminded of the vital role that human interaction, empathy and stability play in the development of a person. 

Following the pandemic I also became aware of the social media challenges and life pressures that the next generation face and the vital need for better support systems in schools to cope with the decline in mental health. I feel very proud to be part of the YMM team and believe even more passionately now in the power of communicating and supporting students at this critical time in their life.