Some of the young talent from our previous concerts:

The exquisite voice of Yasmin Corbett

In 2017 at our first concert, Yasmin took to the stage, aged just 12, and sang a song called ‘Dear Porcupines’. She chose this song herself as she said it was about bullying and she thought it reflected the cause. She enchanted the audience with her beautiful voice and at our 2019 concert she chose to sing this song, Drown, again for the very apt lyrics. Her voice and interpretation of songs she covers are always a delight to witness.

A standing ovation for Mary Eckert

Mary simply wowed the audience at our 2017 concert with her version of Andra Day’s Rise Up, which was just so close to the original. Just 16 years old at the time, Mary showed such maturity and relaxed confidence at the piano and the standing ovation she received was deservedly justified! She wowed us again at the 2019 concert, and now studying song writing in Leeds.

Phenomenal piano playing by Sam Young

We first spotted Sam when he returned to his school during a gap year in 2018, and watching his amazing skills at the piano, we just knew we had to book him for our next concert! He then played this phenomenal piece at our concert in 2019, and he also kindly offered to accompany any other performers on the night, which he did, with seamless ease and true professionalism, especially from someone who was still a teenager at the time! This video shows part of the piece Sam arranged himself, which is described as ‘a five-minute, beautiful massacre of musical genres’.  In September 2020 Sam joined the Royal Academy of Music.