As a Mental Health Professional and busy mum to 3 teenagers my passion for mental health awareness and recognition is constantly being challenged. I qualified as a Registered Mental Health Nurse in Warwick in 1988 and after having moved South and a little too close to Heathrow Airport, soon succumbed to the other of my great passions, travel! I was immensely proud to be recruited as a British Airways long-haul cabin crew member and began flying around the world in 80 days and several times spanning a 27-year career. I finally decided to hang up my wings as a Cabin Service Manager in 2016.

My passion will always be PEOPLE and in particular the smaller variety. Having worked in mental health I know how many challenges our youngsters face in a modern world and am a true believer that the younger we can teach children resilience and self-belief and nurture their free spirit and confidence, the stronger their mental health will be as they grow and blossom.

I have returned to clinical practice with renewed vigour and am also employed as a Training Consultant in Health and Social Care and as an Expert Witness in Mental Health.

I have recently qualified as a Youth Mindfulness trainer and as well as practicing myself, I now teach children to meditate and practice mindfulness.

In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, cooking, walking, playing tennis, cycling, and sailing and am currently working towards achieving my Day Skipper qualification. I have also recently joined The Samaritans as a listening volunteer and am enormously proud to be a part of this amazing organisation and family. My superpower is kindness and a little goes a long way. I live in Stratford upon Avon with my husband and our three teenagers, a black lab called Bella, 2 cats, 2 rabbits, 4 goldfish, and a corn snake!

Unsurprisingly our children have inherited a love of exploring, meeting new people, travel, and the sea. As a family we have recently been to Hong Kong, San Francisco, and The Maldives. We also very much LOVE and spend as much time as we can in Cornwall. Our shared dream and vision is to one day call it our home as that they say, is where the heart is.