The media bombards us all with the ingredients of crisis from climate change, mental health, ever increasing conflict and technology as a threat.
Behind the numbers are real human beings with hopes, dreams, opportunities and aspirations.
What excites me about YMM is the shared passion for addressing the context to the data.
Sue’s vision started with one powerful purpose – to strive for holistic strategies that reflects the new environment in which young people live, work and communicate. YMM and the work that Sue is focused on safeguards the future generation with a crisis avoidance approach:
1. Preparing young people for a brave not-so-new world, empowering them to shape it now
2. Amplify strengths, build confidence and discover their individual identities
3. Transform self-awareness and identity empowerment into skills that young people can use to:
– Seek and build career opportunities
– Navigate with sustainable resilience the stresses and pressures that can lead to mental health crisis
The future is bright and I am grateful to Sue and team for the opportunity to be a part of our strategy to put purpose into action.