Our story

Passionate and driven about the current plight of young people’s mental health, Young Minds Matter was formed in 2017 by way of a charity concert, with the aim of not only showcasing the musical talents of some extraordinary young people, but also to bring the audience some inspirational speakers. Together with some moving video interviews with young people, we managed to raise awareness of the mental health challenges they were facing, in a positive and uplifting manner.

With two successful fundraising events now under our belt, we are returning to Warwick Hall auditorium for our 2021 concert, which promises to be bigger and better than before!

YM3, the mentoring arm of Young Minds Matter, was launched in 2019, with experienced mentors and established contacts at local schools. Our support services have been incredibly well received, highlighting the need to secure the funding required to expand the support we offer.

Our young people

An integral part of what Young Minds Matter does is to have young people at its core in everything we do, from the organisation and participation in events, to the future appointment of young people to our Trustee Board. Our mentors are always listening to and learning from the young people they work with to ensure our support is appropriate for their needs.

Our values

We are…
Bold with our aspirations
Positive and collaborative
Accepting, respectful and kind
Happy to challenge the status quo

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Our trustees

Sue Roberts – Founder 

Since becoming a parent, Sue has always had an active role in children’s welfare, from many years spent with schools PTA’s, initiating and organising events and supporting charitable causes, to supporting her two daughters and other young people through their schooling and university years. Her support also extended to 1:1 support for various young people experiencing their own mental health battles, including regular visits to hospital in-patient units. From many years spent as a PA, her organisation skills and attention to detail have helped form Young Minds Matter events into the successful format that they have achieved to date. With an entrepreneurial spirit, a naturally proactive nature and a huge desire to do something for the plight of young people’s mental health, Sue continues with her drive to instigate positive change into young people’s lives.

Sally Bass 

Sally has worked with and supported young people in a variety of roles for over 20 years. From coaching, mentoring and training, she has an innate ability to connect with young people and at the same time, both enthuse and inspire them. As the proud mother to her amazing son, Charlie (who created the name of the Young Minds Matter mentoring service YM3), Sally is passionate about the future wellbeing of our young people and wants to ensure that every young person has an effective support framework in their daily lives. A natural people person, whose energy and passion for the cause knows no bounds, Sally has become an integral part of the Young Minds Matter team.

Kev Wright 

Kev has been mentoring young people since 2014 and began his involvement with Young Minds Matter in 2017, in his previous role as a manager at a mentoring charity. His sector knowledge and experience, combined with his passionate desire to make a positive difference to the lives of our young people, has contributed significantly towards the strength of the Young Minds Matter team. Kev has personal experience of mental ill-health and found volunteering for local charities provided much needed motivation and purpose, as well as expanding his own support network. As a father, Kev has supported his two amazing daughters who have experienced their own mental health challenges during their time at school and university. An accomplished leader and mentor, Kev is now using these combined experiences to drive our YM3 services and help him and us provide the support that so many of our young people need.

Our supporters